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Silky Zubat 270mm

Silky Zubat 270mm


A heavy duty professional curved saw suitable for cutting large branches. Mono-construction with a moulded rubber handle, and a specially designed sheath for the curved blade with a detachable belt holder. The blade can also be fitted to ZUBAT pole saw. 7.5 teeth/30mm.

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Silky Zubat 270mm Saw. The tool of choice of professional tree care companies, this heavy-duty, professional hand saw delivers maximum efficiency and performance. The Silky Zubat 270mm Saw merges both proprietary design as well as the ergonomic comfort grip handle of the Silky, therefore giving you the power to cut with precision, converting into more savings of time and money. Featuring a precision-ground curved 270mm/10-2/3-inch mono-constructed blade, the Zubat helps you achieve greater cutting speed with definitely less effort. It is hard chrome-plated, resistant to rust, boasting of an impulse-hardened non-set tooth design. Silky MIRAI-ME (Smooth Cutting) Technology equals to the best-selling razor sharp blade with four cutting angles that guarantee quick work with a superior smooth cutting action. The Zubat has 6.5 teeth per inch, is not deterred by the effects of tree resin, and wipes clean easily. The scabbard possesses a unique dual roller entry system, plus a brand new handle design to create an unrivaled locking feature that secures the saw firmly in the scabbard. Made in Japan. *leg straps sold separately


Blade length: 10-2/3-inch (270 mm)
Teeth configuration: 6.5 teeth per inch (7.5 teeth per 30 mm)
Weight: 0.55 pounds (240 grams) operating weight; 0.9 pounds (400 grams) weight with sheath
Inclusions: Durable black polypropylene sheath with detachable belt holder Applications: pruning, trimming, lawn and garden

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