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Silky Longboy 3.6 Metre Folding Telescopic Pole Saw

Silky Longboy 3.6 Metre Folding Telescopic Pole Saw


Designed to fit in the ute without being taken apart at only 1.45mtr.  Has a blade that folds down for a compact storage.

The Longboy is a close relative to the Zubat pole saw. It’s light- weight and the blade cuts beautifully smoothly (unless you’re cutting your fingers and then it feels aggressive).  It is ideal for pruning branches at a higher position without ever climbing a ladder.

The blade folds over and locks onto the pole for storage or transport. A Longboy pole saw comes complete with pole, blade and cover for the blade.

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Lightweight, state-of-the-art folding telescopic pole saw.The aluminium alloy extension poles are oval-shaped, providing precise control over the direction of the blade (especially important for high cutting) reducing bending of the pole to a minimum.

The poles have a double locking system that assures the rigidity of the poles. There is a pin/button that holds the poles together and then a friction clamp that squeezes the poles, holding them tight. Both of these locking systems keep the poles in place and also protect each system from damaging the other. The spring-loaded locking buttons have multiple length positions allowing you to have the pole extended at a variety of lengths.The base pole has a pole-end shock absorber and award winning GOM rubber over grip.

This aluminium pole saw comes equipped with an innovative blade cover that securely locks to the lower pole when blade is folded. The lower pole also has a wrist strap which can be attached at the top or bottom of the handle. This is designed to transfer the weight of the pole saw to your bicep rather than your neck. The 36cm impulse-hardened curved blade has Silky MIRAI-ME style of teeth (Smooth Cutting Technology) - The Teeth of the Future! This style of tooth is precision-ground, razor-sharp and provides an incredibly fast, clean and extremely smooth cutting style. The branch will seem as though you have given it a light sand after you finished cutting. The blade is designed to do the work and cuts efficiently with less effort and due to the hardened teeth, maintains a superior wear-resistant cutting edge.

The taper-ground blade profile reduces drag and directs more usable energy to the cutting edge. The curved blade also works brilliantly in a pole saw application. A yellow rigid-plastic blade cover is included. All parts are replaceable and available. Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

  • 390mm length sharpenable blade, 7.5 teeth per 30mm (6.5 teeth per inch)
  • Folds down small enough to fit in yur car boot
  • Extension range 1.4 - 3.6 meters
  • Replaceable parts - see parts diagram under 'Downloads'
  • Do not use aluminum telescoping pole saws around electrical power lines or equipment
  • Made in Japan


Teeth Per Inch: 6.5 tpi

Blade Length: 390 mm

Extension: 1.4 - 3.9 meters

Operating Weight: 1820 g

Blade Thickness: 1.5 mm

Kerf: 1.5 mm

Max. Cut: 95 mm

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